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Yannick Flohé climbs his hardest route to date with Lazarus (9a+).

9a+ in transit: Yannick Flohé manages to climb Lazarus at the Schiefen Tod in the Franconian Jura in just 4 Go's.

Hyper Finale: Dylan Chuat's path to his first 9a+ | Video

Dylan Chuat is one of the Swiss climbing elite. Again and again he draws attention to himself with the inspection of difficult routes or hard boulders. At the end of May he managed his first 9a+ route in Rawyl with Hyper Finale. In the following video, the 21-year-old Romand explains what the second ascent of the Adam Ondra line is all about and why this means so much to Dylan Chuat.

Does Connor Herson make Empath (9a +) the most difficult trad climbing route in the world?

Empath (9a+) is a crazy granite tufa route in Kirkwood, California. In June 2021, Connor Herson secured the seventh ascent of Carlo Traversi's line. Recently the youngster has returned and has been climbing the line trad style. Does this make Empath the hardest trad route in the world?

Isn't Julia Chanourdie the third woman to conquer grade 9b?

The Frenchwoman Julia Chanourdie has risen to the illustrious group of 4b conquerors with the inspection of Eagle-9 in Saint Léger. Only two women had cracked this level before her. But now comes compatriot Pierre Le Cerf and proposes a devaluation to 4a+ after climbing to Eagle-9.

First ascent by Alexander Megos: Et pour quelques dégaines de plus (9a +)

During a short stay at the foot of Mount Ventoux, Alexander Megos scored numerous routes and opened a new 9a + line: Et pour quelques dégaines de plus.

Iker Pou cracks a monstrous route: Gran Guggenheim (9a +) first climbed

Iker Pou manages the first ascent of a heavily overhanging and long roof route on the Spanish island of Mallorca. The route called Gran Guggenheim is rated 9a + by Iker.

Cédric Lachat climbs Super Crackinette (9a +)

Cédric Lachat closes the year with the ascent of a difficult route: Super Crackinette (9a +) in Saint-Léger du Ventoux, France.

9a + join in the excitement step by step! Stefano Ghisolfi in The Bow

The Italian top climber Stefano Ghisolfi has published a video in which he comments step by step on his ascent of the 9a + route The Bow in Arco.