Dylan Chuat is one of the Swiss climbing elite. Again and again he draws attention to himself with the inspection of difficult routes or hard boulders. At the end of May he managed his first 9a+ route in Rawyl with Hyper Finale. In the following video, the 21-year-old Romand explains what the second ascent of the Adam Ondra line is all about and why this means so much to Dylan Chuat.

The difficulties of Dylan Chuats Inspections have increased slowly but steadily over the past two years. In August 2020 he cracked along La prophetie des grenouilles Grade 9a for the first time. The following winter he managed to establish a route at this level himself: Un bel éte (9a). Another highlight of his climbing career followed on May 29, 2022: Adam Ondras' second ascent Hyper Finale. This means that Dylan Chuat has advanced to grade 9a+ for the first time.

Video: Hyper Finale (9a +) - History of a second ascent

Successful trip to Flatanger

Dylan Chuat will spend the summer of 2022 in the notorious Hans Helleren Grotto in Flatanger. There he succeeds in numerous difficult routes, including:

  • Thor's Hammer (9a +)
  • Odin's Eye (8c+)
  • Brunhilde (8c)
  • Valkyrie (8c)
  • Nordic Plumber (8c)
  • Nordic Flower (8c)
  • Muy verdes (8c)
  • Joker (8b+)
  • Welshnere L2 (8b, onsight)
  • Massih attack (8b, flash)
  • Gusanito (8a+)
  • Flagmans (8a, flash)
  • Berntsen banden extension (8a, onsight)

Video: Dylan Chuat in Thor's Hammer

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Credits: Cover picture Remi Degenne