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Is Terranova harder than Burden of Dreams (9A)?

Will Bosi is designing the Boulder Terranova (8C+). And he raises the question of whether Terranova could be harder than Burden of Dreams.

This is how Adam Ondra Vasil Vasil (9b +) climbs

Ten years ago, Adam Ondra made the first ascent of the third 9b+ route in the world in his hometown of Sloup: Vasil Vasil. The ascent was filmed, but never edited and published. The Czech climbing professional has now made up for this.

How Ondra's World Cup dreams came true in Prague

The Czech professional climber Adam Ondra returned to the competition circuit at the beginning of June at the IFSC World Cup in Prague. His debut could hardly have gone better. He wins silver in front of a home crowd and competes in what he will remember as one of the most intense of his career.

IFSC Bouldering World Cup Prague | Info & live stream

This Friday to Sunday, June 4th to 6th, 2023, the fourth IFSC Bouldering World Cup of the season will take place in Prague. And it promises to be exciting: With Adam Ondra and Janja Garnbret, the two big dominators are back in the competition. We have put together the most important information and the live stream for you.

Climbing is only allowed on five days a year: Macocha

In the Moravian Karst region of the Czech Republic, there is a 140-meter-deep collapse depression that forms a huge cave. There are climbing routes there, but climbing is only allowed on five days a year. Adam Ondra did not miss this opportunity.

Adam Ondra climbs the second most difficult route of his life: Zvěřinec (9b +)

Yesterday Adam Ondra made the first ascent of Zvěřinec (9b +) in the Moravian Karst climbing area in the Czech Republic. According to his own statements, it is the most difficult route of his life after Silence (9c) - and that means something.

Adam Ondra succeeds in bold first ascent in Czech sandstone | Video

In the northwest of the Czech Republic, Adam Ondra swaps the highest levels of difficulty for daring climbing with long runouts and strict ethics. Together with the sandstone legend Tomáš "Tomajda" Sobotka he succeeds in the ground-up first ascent of Falling into Presence (8b).

Adam Ondra can hardly hold this grip

In this video Adam projects two exciting bouldering lines that sometimes have grips that even Adam Ondra can barely hold.


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