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Will Shawn Raboutou crack the next 9A soon?

He already has two 9A boulders on his account. Will the third one follow soon? After his promising attempts in Burden of Dreams, Shawn Raboutou has turned his attention to the next 9A: Soudain Seul at Fontainebleau.

Stasa Gejo boulders Mécanique Élémentaire (8B+)

The strong Serbian Stasa Gejo proves in the French bouldering Mecca Fontainebleau with an impressive ascent that she is one of the strongest boulders in the world. She succeeds in her long-term project Mécanique Élémentaire in the Recloses Sud sector and thus her first 8B + boulder.

Ilya Bakhmet-Smolensky repeats original 9a boule No Kpote Only

Ilya Bakhmet-Smolensky announces the repetition of the Fontainebleau test piece No Kpote Only and provides video evidence at the same time. However, the uncut video of his inspection is not beyond doubt.

Seven times 8a or harder: Vadim Timonov flashes through Fontainebleau

Like many other climbing professionals, Vadim Timonov recently stayed in Fontainebleau. Since the conditions were unfavorable for the really difficult problems, the strong Russian quickly concentrated on flashing. The result: a ticklist with numerous boulders in the eighth French grade.

Video: Camille Coudert fought so hard in Soudain Seul

On February 12, after more than two years and more than 80 sessions, Camille Coudert made the third ascent of the controversial 9a boulder Soudain Seul. Relais Vertical accompanied the Frenchman with the camera and captured his iron will, his commitment and his success for posterity.

Niccolò Ceria unstoppable: Boulder La Révolutionnaire (8c +) committed

Once again, the Italian bouldering professional Niccolò Ceria can announce the inspection of an extremely difficult line. In mid-March he gets the fourth repetition of the Fontainbleau classic La Révolutionnaire (8c +).

Strong boulderers: Simon Lorenzi climbs La Révolutionnaire, Camille Coudert repeats Soudain Seul

Simon Lorenzi and Camille Coudert are in top form. The Frenchman Coudert pulls the Fontainebleau test piece Soudain Seul (8c +), which was first climbed by Lorenzi. The Belgian Simon Lorenzi, on the other hand, succeeds in the 8c + Boulder La Révolutionnaire of the barefoot climber Charles Albert.

Video of Simon Lorenzi's first ascent of Big Conviction (8C+)

At the end of January, the Frenchman Simon Lorenzi made the first ascent of the extremely difficult boulder Big Conviction (8c +). The video for his Fontainebleau test piece is now available.