On February 12, after more than two years and more than 80 sessions, Camille Coudert made the third ascent of the controversial 9a boulder Soudain Seul. Relais Vertical accompanied the Frenchman with the camera and captured his iron will, his commitment and his success for posterity.

With Soudain Seul is it a Back and forth. first ascent Simon Lorenzi suggested the grade 9a and thus heaved the line into the Boulder Olympus. Then came Nico Pelorson and downgraded the Fontainbleau test piece to 8c+. Camille Coudert again Soudain Seul gave the difficulty 9a after a short period of reflection. So the boulder remains a 9a from a purely arithmetical point of view. one thing is certain

Video: Camille Coudert gets the third ascent of Soudain Seul

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Credits: Cover picture Relay Vertical