Simon Lorenzi and Camille Coudert are in top form. The Frenchman Coudert pulls the Fontainebleau test piece Soudain Seul (8c +), which was first climbed by Lorenzi. The Belgian Simon Lorenzi, on the other hand, succeeds in the 8c + Boulder La Révolutionnaire of the barefoot climber Charles Albert.

Simon Lorenzi has made a name for itself again and again in the past few weeks and months with tough inspections. underneath Off the wagon sit (8c +) in Val Bavona or his latest creation at Fontainbleau, Big Conviction (8c+). At the beginning of the week, the strong Belgian announced that he would like to repeat the La Révolutionnaire (8c+) succeeded. After making very good progress in his third session two weeks ago, he managed the boulder on the fourth attempt on the day of the ascent.

Video: Ryohei Kameyama on the La Revolutionnaire route

70 to 100 sessions

The persistence of the French Camille Coudert has paid off. After almost two winters and 70 to 100 sessions in Soudain Seul (8c +) he was at the top of the Big Island at the beginning of the week, probably the most famous block in Fontainebleau. The Bleausard thus secures himself after Simon Lorenzi and Nico Pelorson the third ascent of Soudain Seul.

Camille Coudert in Soudain Seul.

When asked how much time he invested in the ascent, Camille Coudert replies to Fanatic Climbing: "It's hard to say how many sessions I put into the boulder. I'd say an average of two a week for a total of almost eight months. That has to be between 70 and 100.” On the other hand, he also made more precise statistics. The Big Island Stand for example, he climbed a total of 43 times, 28 of them in the last month and a half.

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Credits: pictures Arthur Delicque