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5 dry tooling techniques for advanced users

Dry tooling for advanced climbers: Learn the most important techniques to get more out of this type of climbing.

Virgin 1000 meter rock bastion in the Bernese Oberland first climbed

Silvan Schüpbach, Peter von Känel and Rolf Zurbrügg achieve their first ascent of the Rottalhorn west face with an autumn hike (1050m, 6b).

Trad first ascent on the north face of the Eiger: Silvan Schüpbach and Peter von Känel open the Renaissance (30 SL, 7c)

The Swiss alpinists Silvan Schüpbach and Peter von Känel are opening a new trad route on the north face of the Eiger: Renaissance

This is how you get started with dry tooling

Dry tooling is a highly effective strength and technique training for difficult ice and mixed climbing. Alpinists who want to be better and safer in mixed, alpine terrain also benefit enormously. More and more people practice dry tooling as an independent sport. This article provides a compact insight into the basics of this fascinating discipline.

Stand construction in the ice - Here's how | Ice Climbing Pro Tips

Where and how to set up belays in multi-pitch ice climbing is highly safety-relevant. Building on the previous articles on assessing ice conditions and setting ice screws, ice climber, mountain guide and author Peter von Känel explains what is important when building belay stands in the ice.

Setting ice screws: how it works | Ice Climbing Pro Tips

When climbing ice falls you have the freedom and privilege to choose your own climbing line and belay it as you see fit. For the latter, ice screws play a central role. In this article, the ice climber, mountain guide and author Peter von Känel explains what is important when it comes to ice screws.

Ice climbing pro tips: Assess ice conditions and assess them on site

With falling temperatures, the anticipation of ice and mixed climbing increases. In line with the upcoming start of the season, we are launching an ice cream series with professional tips from Peter von Känel. In the first article, the mountain guide and author explains how to better assess the ice conditions.

Frigo-Combo (450m, M7/6a): Schüpbach and Von Känel's youngest adventure

The north-west face of the Douves Blanches is a largely unknown but impressive face in Val d'Arolla. A week ago, Silvan Schüpbach and Peter Von Känel were able to climb a - at least partially - new route through the approximately 400 meter high wall. The alpinists call their tour Frigo-Combo.