The Olympic Games in Tokyo are in the starting blocks - one year late. Under the sign of the five rings, some new sports are making their debut, and sport climbing is also celebrating its premiere as a discipline. In addition to tough training, material designed for competitions should also help achieve podium places - such as the Climbing Shoe Solution Comp from La Sportiva.

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When Adam Ondra, Janja Garnbert or our Swiss representation Petra Klingler Fight for Olympic gold in lead, bouldering and speed climbing at the beginning of August, they will go to the limit. Tiny kicks, volume in the overhang or acrobatic dynos, everything has to be bombproof and fit to the millimeter - mind you, the whole thing on plastic and not on the rock.

A not insignificant part depends on the right equipment that can be used on this Competition events is optimized. A prime example of this is the Solution Comp climbing shoe from La Sportiva.

Pietro dal Prà presents the Solution Comp

The Solution from La Sportiva is a classic among climbing finches. The model is particularly popular on hard routes and bouldering. The big advantage of the shoe is its performance orientation. It holds on to mini ledges in the overhang as well as on friction in plate climbing.

It holds on to mini ledges in the overhang as well as on friction in plate climbing.

The foot is firmly enclosed, which ensures the necessary stability even with the smallest heel and toe hooks. Despite everything, the solution feels very direct and sensitive. The patented Fast Lacing System from La Sportiva allows you to put them on and take them off quickly. But: The Solution is primarily designed for rock.

For some time now, the Solution has been joined by the hall's counterpart: the Solution Comp. But that's not all, the Solution Comp was - as the name suggests - specially designed for competitions. It is a little softer than the basic model. Above all, this allows acrobatic exercises on modern bouldering. Exactly what Petra Klingler and co Tokyo will expect.

The women's model of the Solution Comp

The women's model of the Solution Comp by La Sportiva

The men's model of the Solution Comp

The men's model of the Solution Comp by La Sportiva

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Credits: picture La Sportiva, text Fabian Reichle from Bächli Bergsport

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