The new climbing shoe Puzzle from Red Chili is fully geared towards the feet of children and young people. We introduce the shoe.

The Puzzle is the first performance-oriented climbing shoe that was specially developed for the anatomical requirements of feet in growth. It is soft enough so that children and young people can play out their natural "claw effect" and at the same time has sufficient tension so that the climbing stars of tomorrow can fully exploit their potential.

Tailored to the feet of adolescents

Young people and parents alike have so far been stuck in a dilemma. You have to choose between a children's climbing shoe and a "scaled down" adult shoe. Children's climbing shoes are often very stiff or very passive, which is why ambitious children and young people cannot reach their full potential.

Children's shoes are often too stiff or too passive and prevent adolescents from reaching their full potential.

Performance-oriented shoes for adults, on the other hand, which are simply produced in a smaller size, are very aggressive and force the foot into an unnatural position, which can permanently damage the feet of adolescents.

And this is exactly where the Red Chili puzzle comes in.

Space for toes and the perfect amount of tension

The puzzle has a small indentation in the front area of ​​the sole and is slightly pretensioned so that steps in the steep railing can be easily “clawed”. The heel area is narrow and straight so that the Achilles tendon is not overly irritated.

The puzzle finally offers children and young people a climbing shoe that is tailored to their needs.

Then there is the way the shoe is constructed: it combines microfibers as the upper material with knitted material for the tongue. This increases the comfort of the puzzle and makes it the perfect choice for ambitious children and young people.

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