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5 dry tooling techniques for advanced users

Dry tooling for advanced climbers: Learn the most important techniques to get more out of this type of climbing.

Simon Gietl: “For me, the Edelrid Rage is currently the coolest ice tool.”

The Rage ice tool from Edelrid comes with a new pick with minimal explosive effect and a new ergonomic handle.

This is how you get started with dry tooling

Dry tooling is a highly effective strength and technique training for difficult ice and mixed climbing. Alpinists who want to be better and safer in mixed, alpine terrain also benefit enormously. More and more people practice dry tooling as an independent sport. This article provides a compact insight into the basics of this fascinating discipline.

Everything under control: Four types of gloves for cold days

Who doesn't know the dilemma: Gloves are often forgotten when you need them later. And if you think about packing some, they turn out to be the wrong ones afterwards. Reason enough for some practical tips for climbers, mountaineers and ski tourers.

Veni, vidi, vici: Jedrzej Jablonski pulls the toughest dry tooling routes in Büs Del Quai

In mid-March, the Polish dry tooling specialist Jedrzej Jablonski paid a visit to the huge grotto of Büs Del Quai. In less than a week he climbed numerous big tours of the Italian dry tooling spot, including the D15 rated mega-classic Uragano Dorato.

Dry tooling: what is it? What does it take to do this?

Winter is slowly but surely coming, and the anticipation of ice climbing is growing. Dry tooling is the best preparation: with an ice ax and crampons on the rock. Everything you need to know.

Robert Jasper: Insights into the world of dry tooling

The makers of Actiontalk accompanied the German alpinist Robert Jasper to the place where he wrote climbing history several times.