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Tough boulders repeated and first ascended

Hard Sends: Sam Weir repeats Fuck The System, the ultimate Fionnay test piece. Elias Iagnemma opens Afrodite (8B+) in Piedmont.

Elias Iagnemma climbs Burden of Dreams (9A)

Elias Iagnemma repeats Burden of Dreams in Lappnor and secures the fourth ascent of the world's first 9A boulder.

Rocklands: Wientjes, Scarperi and Iagnemma clean up

The Bouldering Mecca Rocklands is a busy place. As a result, rows of hard lines are repeated: Stefan Scarperi climbs Monkey Wedding (8C), Flo Wintjes flashes Amandla (8B +) and Elias Iagnemma returns home with a whole series of boulders in the upper eighth grade on his tick list.

Hardest boulder in Italy? Elias Iagnemma climbs Ganesh 8c+

The Italian Elias Iagnemma draws attention to himself with another difficult first ascent. In the Italian bouldering area Tintorale he pulls Ganesh. He suggests 8c+ as a rating.

The Italian Elias Iagnemma bouldering Gioia (8c +)

Once again, Elias Iagnemma draws attention to himself with a difficult bouldering line. In Varazze, Italy, he succeeds in the 8c + boulder Gioia.

Elias Iagnemma climbs the 8c-Boulder Dreamtime in three sessions

The Fred Nicole classic Dreamtime in Cresciano receives another ascent. This time around, it's the Italian Elias Iagnemma, who will be joining the 8c Boulder in just three sessions.

Elias Iagnemma repeats the 8c Boulder crypt at Morchelstock Balsthal

The Italian Elias Iagnemma managed to climb the boulder Kryptos (8c) in Balsthal last Friday. The year 2018 is the year of bouldering cryptos....