Italian rider Elias Iagnemma managed to climb Boulder Kryptos (8c) in Balsthal last Friday.

The year 2018 is the year of the Boulder Kryptos, The 8c boulder on the Morchelstock in Balsthal, Switzerland became 2009 Franz Widmer first arrived and in the same year by the Boulder Legend Fred Nicole repeated. Then the block rested until spring 2017. Then the Swiss succeeded Kevin Heiniger the third ascent of the line. In June 2018 it was the German top climber Kathrin Lehmannwho defeated the boulder. Kathrin is the second woman ever to be able to score a 8c boulder.

Last Friday succeeded the Italian Elias Iagnemma during his two week stay in Switzerland the second ascent of the year.

Video: Inspection of cryptos by Kevin Heiniger

The messages of the previous inspections could interest you too

Kevin Heiniger on the 8c inspection of Kryptos

Kathrin (Kaddi) Lehmann is the second woman to boulder an 8c - Kryptos

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