Once again, Elias Iagnemma draws attention to himself with a difficult bouldering line. In Varazze, Italy, he succeeds in the 8c + boulder Gioia.

The line was first climbed by Christian Core thirteen years ago. A first repetition took place Adam Ondra three years later and upgraded the boulder from 8c to 8c +. It was another three years Nalle Hukkataival could conquer the boulder.

Then it became quiet about Gioia. It was not repeated until December 2020 when Niky Ceria could climb the boulder. Now it's an Italian again Elias Iagnemmawho can crack Gioia.

Yes, it took me a few days to realize what was happening. Yes, I managed the 5th ascent of Gioia.

Elias Iagnemma

In his announcement, Elias also commented on the difficulty of the route. As I said, Adam Ondra's line has been upgraded to 8c +. Elias now thinks that Gioia's difficulty is probably in the range of 8c / +.

The young Italian made a name for himself in 2018 and 2019 when he Kryptos on morel stick and Dreamtime climbed in Cresciano. The following video shows his ascent.

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Credits: Cover picture Mellow