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Adam Ondra flashes 8B(+) Boulder in Sweden

Hard send in Sweden: Adam Ondra manages the flash ascent of the 8B(+) compression line Luftig kö till nålens öga.

Hardest flash climb ever: Brooke Raboutou boulders Nascondino

Next level: Brooke Raboutou quickly flashed two hard boulders in Ticino: Nascondino (8A+/8B) and Darkness (8A+).

In the Rocklands rows of heavy boulders are cracked

In the South African bouldering Mecca Rocklands there is a lot going on: Ryuichi Murai repeats the ultimate test piece Livin' Large (8C +) as well as other hard boulders. Russian Vadim Timonov flashes Mirta (8B+) and opens G-master (8C).

Famous boulder flashed and massively devalued

Abaddon (8A+) is one of the most popular boulders of this grade in the US bouldering Mecca Red Rocks. The American competition climber Zander Waller recently forced a flash ascent of the line and quickly downgraded it from 8A+ to 7C.

Will Bosi flashes Dagger (8B/+) and almost Dreamtime (8C)

Will Bosi paid a visit to the Bouldering Mecca Cresciano in Ticino and let off steam on the Dreamtime block: within one day he flashed The Dagger (8B/+) and climbed Dreamtime (8C) on the fourth attempt.

Seven times 8a or harder: Vadim Timonov flashes through Fontainebleau

Like many other climbing professionals, Vadim Timonov recently stayed in Fontainebleau. Since the conditions were unfavorable for the really difficult problems, the strong Russian quickly concentrated on flashing. The result: a ticklist with numerous boulders in the eighth French grade.

Epic fight: Mari Augusta Salvesen shows Adam Ondra how it works

The Norwegian Mari Augusta Salvesen flashes the offwidth route Belly Full of Bad Berries (8a). An unbelievable achievement considering that Adam Ondra, the world's best climber of his time, struggled in this crack line in 2018.

Jakob Schubert trying to flash the Lichtblick route (8c +)

Shortly before his trip to Spain in November, Jakob Schubert tried to flash climb the 8c+ route Lichtblick. This video shows the attempt and what it means to score a difficult route on the first try.



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