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Video: Jakob Schubert flashes The Never Ending Story

This video shows Jakob Schubert during the Flash inspection of the Magic Wood classic The Never Ending Story (8b +).

Alex Megos flashes 8b-Boulder Kalokagathia

The German professional climber Alexander Megos succeeds in the flash ascent of the endurance boulder Kalokagathia (8b) in the Franconian Jura.

Alexander Megos climbs 9a-route underground flash

The German professional climber Alexander Megos succeeds in a flash ascent of the underground route (9a) in the Massone climbing area.

Will Adam Ondra climb this 9a + route on the first attempt?

Adam Ondra made a detour to the Entraygues climbing area. His goal was a flash ascent of the route La Mustache qui Fache (9a +).

Adam Ondra flashes 8b boulder and more

As part of his Zillertal and Schleierwasserfall trip, Adam Ondra successfully flashed the 8b boulder Zwerg Bums Di.

Video: Adam Ondra tries to climb 9a flash

In 2018 Adam Ondra traveled to Chile and tried to climb the Route La Sensación del Bloque (9a) flash. In this video he comments on the route in detail.

One of the hardest flash inspections: Tomoa Narasaki with Decided (8b +)

The Japanese Tomoa Narasaki manages one of the heaviest flash-tours of a boulder. He climbs the decided (8b +) on Mount Mizugaki in the first attempt.

Jakob Schubert climbs the 9a route Victimes del Futur flash

Jakob Schubert climbs the route Victimes del Futur (9a) flash at the end of his trip to Spain. As a rating he proposes 8c + / 9a.


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Alexander Huber climbs 150-meter rock pinnacle at Cala Goloritzé free solo

Professional climber and alpinist Alexander Huber climbs free solo on the famous 150-meter rock needle near Cala Goloritzé in Sardinia.

Hanging Syndrome: Why Free Hanging Can Be Deadly

Hanging syndrome: Why hanging freely in a harness after a fall can be fatal and what climbers can do about it.

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Dave Graham: Back in top form after ring ligament injury

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