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World Cup in Kranj: Janja Garnbret makes history, Sascha Lehmann slips

With a big show in front of a home audience, Janja Garnbret won the Lead World Cup in Slovenia. In the men's category, the Japanese Masahiro Higuchi won. This also makes it clear who the overall winners are.

Lead World Cup in Kranj: information and livestream

The Lead World Cup will take place in Kranj, Slovenia on September 3rd and 4th. Here you can find the program and the live streams of the competitions.

Adam Ondra climbs 8c +, 8b / b +, 8a + and 7c + onsight within three hours

After the World Cup in Kranj Adam Ondra allowed himself a day on the rock. The result: He climbs numerous hard routes onsight within three hours.

Adam Ondra and Chaehyun Seo win the Lead World Cup in Kranj

Lead World Cup Kranj 2019: Among the women, the Korean Chaehyun Seo was on top of the podium. In the men's race Adam Ondra won.

Lead climbing World Cup in Kranj 2019 - information and live stream

On Sunday, 29. September 2019, the Lead Climbing World Cup takes place in the Slovenian Kranj. Information, program and live stream are available here.

Stefano Ghisolfi and Jain Kim win the lead competition in Kranj

The fifth lead competition of the season in Kranj was dominated by the two countries Italy and Japan, each with three athletes in the semifinals. While...

Jakob Schubert wins World Cup in Kranj outstanding

The last IFSC competition of the season took place in the Slovenian town of Kranj last weekend. The winners were Jakob Schubert and in the women's...



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