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Several classic lines in Margalef have been chipped

Several climbers are sounding the alarm: Famous routes such as Victimas Perez (9a) or Gancho Perfecto (9a+) have been chipped in the Finestra Wall in the world-famous Spanish climbing area Margalef. Unknowns have increased several holds and filed down aggressive edges.

Megos not to slow down | 9a Kulebras Gemelas first ascended

The German professional climber Alexander Megos is in a high frenzy and climbs another 9a route in the Spanish climbing area Margalef. Kulebras Gemelas is almost certainly a first ascent.

Pure emotions: Jorge Diaz Rullo on the first ascent of Cafe solo (9b)

At the beginning of November, the Spaniard Jorge diaz Rullo managed the first ascent of the Cafe Solo route in Margalef, Spain. Now he publishes an uncut video of his inspection that makes you excited.

Adam Ondra: I will never climb this route

At the end of 2020, Adam Ondra spent several weeks in Spain, particularly in Margalef. The main reason for his trip was the route Perfecto Mundo (9b +). He also climbed numerous other routes, including La Ley Indignata, as this video shows.

Jorge Diaz-Rullo climbs 8b + route Darwin Dixit free solo

The Spaniard Jorge Diaz-Rullo managed the rope-free ascent of the 8c sport climbing route Darwin Dixit in Margalef. This video shows his passage.

Alexander Megos upgrades Mejorando Imagen to 9b

During his most recent stay at Margalef, Alexander Megos scored the route Mejorando Imagen (9a) and rated it 9b.

Adam Ondra invested the most attempts in this 9a

Adam Ondra is used to making short work of difficult routes. However, this route demanded more attempts than ever before: Victimas Perez (9a). The following video shows Adam Ondra on the route.

Video: William Bosi commits the 9b + route King Capella

At the end of March, the Scotsman William Bosi managed the first ascent of the King Capella (9b +) route. This video shows his first ascent.