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Robert Jasper: Insights into the world of dry tooling

The makers of Actiontalk accompanied the German alpinist Robert Jasper to the place where he wrote climbing history several times.

Hair-raising after-work tour with sneakers and ice ax

The German alpinist Michi Wohlleben is known for the ascent of difficult mixed routes, multi-pitch tours or his winter ascent of the Drei Zinnen. The following video shows...

Hansjörg Auer in an interview about his abseiling campaign

A few days ago, Hansjörg Auer published a video of an abseiling action on the Achplatte in Öztal (LACRUX reported). As an abseiling point, Hansjörg used a small, frozen...

Michi Wohlleben manages a heavy mixed route on Seebenseefall

The German professional alpinist Michi Wohlleben manages a difficult mixed route on the Seebenseefall in the Mieming Mountains with Die Hard (M11+). Michi set up the route in 2013. He first climbed it...