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The ultimate trick for drying tufas and climbing holds

After rainfall, certain areas and routes stay wet or humid for a very long time. In the following video, the French professional climber Seb Bouin reveals a very helpful and easy-to-use trick, how holds or entire tufas can be dried.

Pro tip: Use the pogo technique correctly when bouldering

Indoor boulders are always dynamically screwed, as is often the case. Accordingly, techniques are required to find a solution that are rarely used in outdoor climbing. One such case is the pogo technique. The Japanese professional climber Tomoa Narasaki explains what it is and how the technique works in the following video.

Pro tip: Warm-up program for Shauna Coxsey's fingerboard training

In this video, the British professional climber Shauna Coxsey shows exercises with which she warms up on the finger board before training.

Always available: With the inReach Mini satellite communication device from Garmin

Professional mountaineer Michi Wohlleben presents the all-rounder among satellite and GPS devices, the inReach mini from Garmin.

Pro-Tip: Exercises for your climbing training by Andrea Kümin

Andrea Kümin gives tips on how to train and introduces exercises from her training routine. How to make progress in climbing.

Pro tip from Chris Sharma: That's how you can dynamically secure with the Grigri

In this video, Chris Sharma explains how the Grigri dynamically backs up and in which situation static backup is the better choice.