After rainfall, certain areas and routes stay wet or humid for a very long time. In the following video, the French professional climber Seb Bouin reveals a very helpful and easy-to-use trick, how holds or entire tufas can be dried.

Who does not know the problem. In principle, the weather would have been good again a long time ago, but a nasty streak of water stubbornly persists in the project. This happens especially often with so-called Tufas. Seb Bouin In this video he shows how he can dry an entire column of sinter with a small piece of toilet paper.

Even if we rarely do Tufa climbing in our latitudes, the technique can also be used in the case of damp grips in overhanging boulders or routes. So, watch the video and be amazed.

Trick: dry Tufa or climbing holds with toilet paper technology

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