Indoor boulders are always dynamically screwed, as is often the case. Accordingly, techniques are required to find a solution that are rarely used in outdoor climbing. One such case is the pogo technique. The Japanese professional climber Tomoa Narasaki explains what it is and how the technique works in the following video.

What the heck is pogo? A fair question, because techniques like these are relatively new in climbing. Simply put, the pogo technique involves swinging your leg in the direction of the next grip. So you use the centrifugal force to reach the next grip.

When does the pogo technique come into play? You should use the pogo technique for moves where you only have one kick available in the opposite direction and when the kick is very low. Example: The next move goes to the top left, but you only have one step on the bottom right.

This is how the pogo technique works for bouldering

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Credits: Cover picture Tomoa / Akiyo / Ikedai