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What Alex Megos relies on when it comes to nutrition

Alex Megos is one of the strongest climbers in the world. Whether it's because of the carrots, which have become his trademark over the years, remains to be seen. In his latest vlog, the professional climber reveals what he pays attention to when it comes to his diet.

Adam Ondra on perfect conditions for rock climbing and plastic

Climbing excuses are quick: too warm, too cold, too humid, too dry. Adam Ondra dedicates his latest video episode to this topic.

Adam Ondra explains: This is how bouldering competition works

Adam Ondra explains in his recent video blog how a bouldering World Cup works and what the numbers in the respective rankings mean.

Video: Adam Ondra goes to Tokyo to train the modern style of competition

Today's competitive boulders are dynamic, powerfully screwed. Adam Ondra flew specially to Tokyo to prepare for the modern style of competition.

Video: Climbers from birth - Adam Ondra introduces himself

In his fourth episode "Road to Tokyo" Adam Ondra gives an insight into his beginnings as a climber and why he likes to climb. One thing is clear: climbing is Adam's passion.

Video: A competition on campus board, rope ladder and other training tools

In the third part of the new video series "Road to Tokyo" by Adam Ondra the Czech shows us a special competition format. Climbers measure themselves on the campus board, on rope ladders, on oversized wooden balls and other constructs.

Film about Adam Ondras road trip through the Balkan region

On Adam Ondra's road trip to the Balkan region, he left behind a whole series of hard first ascents and futuristic projects. More in the following movie.

Video: Adam Ondra explains the Olympic format of the Summer Games Tokyo 2020

In the second part of Adam Ondra's new video series "Road to Tokyo", about his preparations for the 2020 Summer Olympics, he explains the new format. Nobody has gotten to the point better.