If you regularly climb, you should now and then train the opponents of the climbing muscles. This prevents or at least reduces the risk of injury and muscular inequalities.

A guest contribution by Christoph Völker - target10a

The crotch push-up is a heavy variant of the pushups on the rings. These are normal push-ups on the rings, except that you keep your hands turned outward at 180 °.

This is how you perform the exercise

Try to perform two to four sets of six to twelve repetitions each. In between, you take a break of one to two minutes each.

This is where the comb-grip push-ups work

This is how the comb handle push ups work

The comb grip push-up is a difficult antagonist exercise for climbing. The supporting muscles in the upper body are challenged. Essentially, these are the triceps, lower chest, and front shoulder (see illustration above).

This video shows the cramming pushups

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