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Training tips for trail running

Training for trail running: Today we'll show you which principles you should keep in mind during your training.

Why repetitive and isolated technique exercises make little sense

Repetitive technique drills are inefficient. Today we'll show you an approach that views movement as self-organized and non-linear.

The best triceps exercises by Alex Megos

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Efficient exercise on the way to handstand

This is how the handstand works: With the L handstand you can build up strength and practice the handstand position in a controlled manner.

Is trail running the perfect training for alpinists?

Trail running as training for alpinists: Today we'll take a closer look at whether and how running has benefits for mountaineering.

Go higher when climbing: Here's how to do it

Go higher when climbing: The frog yoga exercise stretches your inner thighs with a noticeable effect.

Four movement concepts that comprehensively improve your climbing technique

Sustainably better climbing: Movement concepts can take you much further when climbing than individual techniques.