The windshield wiper is a pull-up bar exercise that works your obliques and core mobility. At the same time, you also strengthen the straight abdominal muscles and improve the tension in the entire upper body.

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The Windshield wiper on the pull-up bar is an efficient exercise to build your core muscles to train and the trunk mobility to improve

Windscreen wipers: This is how the exercise works

You hang on the bar with stretched arms in an overhand or underhand grip. The legs point straight up, the upper body is horizontal. Now fold your legs alternately to the left and right at hip height. It all happens without stopping.

exercise wipers
Exercise windshield wipers on the pull-up bar, explained in three pictures. Image: Christoph Völker/

execution and effect

Try to do 3 sets of 6 to 12 repetitions each. Break about 2 minutes. The cleanest possible execution is important. That means the back is straight and horizontal, the legs are stretched. You should also achieve as much range of motion as possible. In other words, lower your legs to hip level (but not lower!).

The exercise primarily strengthens the lateral abdominal muscles and improves trunk mobility. In addition, the straight abdominal muscles and the tension in the entire upper body are trained.

Windshield wiper-strained-muscles
This musculature trains the windshield wiper exercise. Source: Christoph Völker/

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