For almost a year we have been forced more or less constantly to train at home within our four walls or outside on the rock. In this post we introduce you to a simple and valuable training device that is part of the basic equipment: rings.

A guest contribution by Christoph Völker from target10a

The rings are an unstable training device from gymnastics. One advantage of the rings is a low purchase price and a wide range of attachment options. Since the body has to be constantly balanced when training on the rings, a large number of muscles in the entire body are activated.

Build up the training on the rings slowly, as there is a certain risk of injury to the shoulder. Never fall into your straight arms and use the help of other climbers for difficult and new exercises.

training objectives

The rings train body tension, stabilization, coordination and maximum strength. Some exercises also train antagonistic muscle groups in relation to climbing.

Exercise selection and training frequency

Training on the rings is part of an athletic and stabilization unit. For such a training unit you should choose 5 to 8 different exercises. The exercises do not only have to be on the rings, but ideally mixed with exercises on other devices. Other possible training devices are a pull-up bar or pegboard.

It is important to keep changing the exercises from training session to training session. In this way you ensure as much variation as possible in training. It is less beneficial for climbing if you are world champion in one exercise but have deficits in other exercises. It is better to master as many different exercises as possible.

Athletics and stabilization should be trained once a week. This type of training can be integrated well in parallel to climbing, as it is gentle on the skin and fingers.

Numerous examples of exercises for training on the rings

In the following YouTube playlist you will find numerous exercises that you can perform on the rings.

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Credits: text Christoph Völker from target10a, Cover photo SportsAddict