The 9a climbing route Esclatamasters by Ramon Julian Puigblanque has a special meaning for Adam Ondra. He saved the line for a long time so that he could try an onsight ascent at the right moment. It happened recently.

Since you only have one chance for an onsight inspection, the route and time of the inspection need to be carefully considered. There is someone who practices this style of inspection at the highest level and keeps pushing the limits of what is humanly possible Adam Ondra. Even if he climbs the 9a route Esclatamasters in spanish Pearls had in mind for a long time, the circumstances only recently fitted together.

«I had been saving Esclatamasters for an onsight tour for a long time and thought this trip might be the right one»

Adam Ondra

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Credits: Cover picture @patxiusobiaga_pucseries