And again Adam Ondra announces a success: He manages the onsight ascent of the Route Water World in the climbing area Osp, Slovenia.

Opened a few days ago Adam Ondra in his home area the boulder Pohár Nesmrtelnosti, in English «Cup of Immortality», rated 8C/C+. A few days later, the Czech went to Slovenia and switched to the rope. In the Osp climbing area, he turned an old idea into reality.

The route moved a long time ago Water World (9a), first ascended from Klemen Becan, in the focus of Adam Ondra. But instead of tackling the route as quickly as possible, Adam Ondra decided to save the route for an onsight inspection.

«9 routes are still relatively rare. Even rarer are 9a's that are suitable for an onsight ascent or can at least potentially be onsight climbed."

Adam Ondra
Adam Ondra onsighting Water World (9a) near Osp, Slovenia. (Picture Adam Ondra)
Adam Ondra onsighting Water World (9a) near Osp, Slovenia. (Picture Adam Ondra)

The decision to leave the Water World route for an onsight tour has proven to be the right one. "The route, the conditions and the physical fitness all matched," explains Ondra. Last Saturday, November 26, 2022, he entered the route and immediately topped the line without falling.

"This is one of the most outstanding achievements so far."

Adam Ondra

While Adam Ondra expresses his pride in the onsight inspection, he also comments on the inspection in a self-critical manner. The route is certainly not the most difficult 9a, especially with kneepads, but it is not easy to read either.

Ondra has repeatedly attempted 9a routes onsight. He last succeeded in doing this in 2014 with the routes TCT near Gravere, Italy and Il Domani near Baltzola, Spain.

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Credits: Cover photo Adam Ondra 2022

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