When it comes to the IFSC World Cups, Adam Ondra and his team leave nothing to chance. They simulate the procedure of a competition day on specially designed routes. In his latest video, Adam Ondra gives insights into his professional preparatory training.

Am Lead World Cup in Chamonix won Adam Ondra Gold. The fact that the Czech Olympian climbed to the top of the podium when he returned to the international competition stage is not least due to his meticulous preparation.

"We also do these simulations to get a good feeling and boost confidence: Yes, I'm strong, I'm a good climber, I read the routes really well in my onsight attempt."

Adam Ondra

Before a World Cup, he and his team always carry out a competition simulation – with specially designed routes in the style of the World Cup, the same procedure and ideally under similar pressure. Adam Ondra and his teammates show what this preparation looks like Martin Stranik in the video below.

Video: Adam Ondra in Lead World Cup simulation training

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