What represents the end of the spearhead for some climbers is onsight level for Adam Ondra. In Krpcovo, Slovakia, he managed to onsight climb four 8b+ routes in one day. This is probably a new personal record even for the world's best climber at the moment.

Last week stayed Adam Ondra in the climbing area Krpcovo in Slovakia. The new area has a nice selection of difficult routes. "It was a great way to have a lot of fun while trying to onsight climb as many routes as possible," says Adam Ondra.

Video: Adam Ondra in Tanec s Vlkmi

"It was a great way to have a lot of fun while trying to onsight climb as many routes as possible."

Adam Ondra

Four times 8b+ onsight

After his warm-up in a 7a and an 8a, the strong Czech failed at first attempting the 8c line Insomnia to climb on sight. The day then developed extremely positively and ended with Adam Ondra having four grade 8b+ onsight inspections on his tick list. "That's probably a new personal record."

"Four 8b+ onsights in one day, that's probably a new personal record."

Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra onsight climbed these four 8b+ routes

  • adam-ondra-8b+onsight
  • adam-ondra-8b+onsight-part2

The routes were not among the most difficult for the grade, but they were definitely interesting. In particular the line Tanec s Vlkmi, in which he can also be seen in the video above, Adam Ondra was taken with it. "Such a fantastic line," was his summary.

At Tanec s Vlkmi the quickdraws were already attached. Another had three pieces in the crux. On the rest of the routes, Adam Ondra clipped the exes during his onsight inspections.

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Credits: Cover photo Adam Ondra