In February 2021, a video by Swedish climber Emil Abrahamsson went viral, in which he presented a simple and seemingly effective training for finger strength: With just 2 short hangboard sessions a day, he achieved an incredible increase in performance in one month. Now, after a two-year period, the climbing professional is commenting on his supposed miracle cure.

The results seemed too good to be true: performance increases of up to 2600 percent. And that with low-intensity training over a period of just 30 days. Emil Abrahamsson's The training maxim of two short hangboard sessions a day found open ears in the climbing community worldwide. The many climbers should be all the more excited about his conclusion, which he draws two years later.

In the following video, the Swedish climbing professional not only expresses his own experiences, but also lets his brother, who applied the approach with steely discipline, have his say. In addition, finger specialist Kalle Söderqvist classifies the results.

Video: That brings Abrahamsson's 2x daily hangboard training over 2 years

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Credits: Cover picture Emil Abrahamson