Stefano Bertone, father of Oriane and Max, publishes several videos that show his children's heavy ascents in the Rocklands.

Once again, the Bertone family's offspring is paying attention. After climbing numerous boulders in the eighth degree of French Oriane Bertone the father now announces the ascent of two difficult boulders by Oriane's 12-year-old brother. Max climbs the Rocklands-Boulders Fragile steps and Leopard cave (both 8a +).

“Fragile Steps is the second 8a + boulder in the Rocklands this year. While I still had to struggle with the crux last year, it was now possible to get through in one session. "

Max Bertone on the Fragile Steps boulder

The Boulder Fragile Steps is rated 8b in the topo, Max suggests, however, to rate the boulder as 8a +. Even before Fragile Steps, the 12-year-old had already successfully climbed the steep Leopard Cave boulder.

The 14-year-old Oriane Bertone's ticklist

Oriane still had a great run despite finger problems and initial general depression. You get the following boulder:

Clingon (8a)
La Gloire des Papous (8a)
Au Bord de l'Eau (8a)
Umbules (8a)
Light Saber (8a / + flash)
The Wee Baby Shamus (8a +)
Leopard Cave Extended (8b)
Agamemnon (8b)
Hipster whale (8b)
Ray of Light (8b)

Videos of the recent ascents by Max and Oriane Bertone

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Credits: Cover picture Stefano Bertone