With Cresiano and Chironico, Ticino is already one of the absolute bouldering hotspots in the world. New lines have been opening in another valley for years: Val Bavona.

It has almost become a habit that the international bouldering elite in the winter months Tessin makes a pilgrimage, more precisely to Val Bavonato clean and walk on new blocks. The center of development is Ticino Giuliano Cameroni. In the following video he shows five new dream lines that he shared with his brother Diego cameroni in the Bavona Valley.

  • Equal Rights 8a + (FA)
  • Money Tree 8b (FA)
  • Mother Nature 7c + (FA)
  • Open Your Eyes 8b + (FA)
  • Sassi e Diamanti 8a + (FA)

Giuliano and Diego Cameroni during the first ascent of boulder lines in the Val Bavona

Here lies the Ticino valley Val Bavona

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Credits: Cover picture Mellow