Kathrin Lehmann, one of the strongest German climbers, manages the ascent of the 8c-Boulder Kryptos at the Morchelstock in the Swiss Balsthal. Kaddi is the second woman in the world to score an 8c-Boulder.

After a year of project planning and training, Kathrin aka Kaddi of Boulder succeeded Kryptos on the Morchelstock in the Swiss Balsthal. Kryptos was 2009 of Franz Widmer first arrived and in the same year from Fred Nicole repeated. The third ascent succeeded the Swiss Kevin Heiniger in April 2017. Kaddi gets the fourth ascent of the boulder and is the second woman in the world who could climb an 8c boulder. As the first woman - and at the same time the youngest person - Ashima Shiraishi succeeded in climbing an 2016c boulder in 8 (Horizon 8c at Mount Hiei in Japan at the age of 15 years).

"If there is something you really want, do not be afraid, just do it." This sentence is said by the climber Daniel Jung in a video and Kaddi really took him to heart.

When she was in March 2017 Kryptos She discovered that the boulder problem was unsolvable, but from then on she could not get out of her head. "If I Kryptos I tried a few positions but most of the moves felt impossible. " Kaddi but not: "By the end of 2017 I had the idea to see this problem as the ultimate goal, with all the other climbs as small steps towards that goal. And I thought, if not now, then maybe never. "

Arrive at midnight, session at 6 pm

By April 2018 had developed through training, dedication and motivation, a rather tough routine, which consisted in concentrated work on all the small handles and the required absolute body tension. "I knew that I would not have much time in May. Since it was already so warm, I drove off in the evening after work and did not arrive until around midnight. Then I slept, got up early at 6, made a cup of coffee and some breakfast, cycled to Boulder, tried a couple of trains there, rode the bike back to the car and then straight to work.

The efforts were worth it

It was hard for me to get up so early and train so hard right away. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a morning person. But it was all worth it. I figured that even if it didn't work out with a climb in the end, I would at least have spent a good time outside. But then I managed to get through on May 14th. "

Picture gallery of Kaddi Lehmann in Kryptos

Kaddi is the second woman in the world to take a walk on an 8c boulder! More on www.lacrux.com

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Video by Kevin Heinigers and Franz Widmer's Durchstieg

From Kaddi there is unfortunately no video of the boarding. At least not right now. Kevin Heiniger helps with the ascent from the year 2017 and the first-time winner Franz Widmer.

Kevin Heiniger on the successful ascent of Kryptos

Franz Widmer at the first ascent of cryptos

Credits: Pictures Michael Steimle / Black Diamond

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