The Japanese Tomoa Narasaki manages one of the heaviest flash-tours of a boulder. He climbs the decided (8b +) on Mount Mizugaki in the first attempt.

That the Japanese athletes dominate the competition circus is nothing new. However, relatively little is heard of heavy ascents on the rock. What happens when the reigning Boulder World Champion climbs for a while? He gets one of the hardest flash-tours on bouldering.

“It's been a year since I went bouldering outside. When I got into the boulder, I got into the flow, had a good feeling - and flashed the boulder. "

Tomoa Narasaki Decided About His Flash Commitment of Boulder (8b +)

Obviously, Tomoa was able to transfer fitness and indoor training to the outdoors. The Boulder Decided was, at least incidentally, recently in the international climbing. His countryman Ryuichi Murai got the commission of the heaviest boulder of Japan, United (8c +). United is a combination of an 8b + seat start with the now of Tomoa climbed decided.

Tomoa Narasaki at Flash's Commitment to Decided (8b +)

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Credits: Cover picture Shinta Ozawa