The American Paul Robinson dwells like so many professional athletes every year in the South African Rocklands. So also this year. He recently succeeded in the first ascent of an 8c boulder: The Pirate's Code in the sector Three Corners.

It was a long-cherished dream of Paul Robinson to walk the block in the Three Corners Sector. He discovered the boulder four years ago, but refrained from trying the line seriously. It was only in 2016 that Paul seriously dared to approach the boulder that he hadn't gotten out of his head since it was discovered. During his first attempts, Paul realized how difficult the boulder is. He did not manage to climb all the trains. "It felt really hard. I needed to train harder and come back for this thing ”, was his conclusion.

Four years to see The Pirate's Code

Another unsuccessful season passed with the same conclusion. Only now, four years after the discovery of the monster line, the 31-year-old managed to climb the boulder. Paul summarizes his thoughts after the successful ascent as follows: “2014-2018 this climb, this single boulder that no one else in the world may have ever seen before me, had finally been climbed in a mere 1 minute of time. It's kind of hard to wrap my head around still days later. Climbing is my life. Climbing brings me so much joy and happiness. To all the climbers out there, don't take it for granted and appreciate it all. ”As a rating for the boulder with the name The Pirate's Code In the Three Corners sector, Paul Robinson suggests 8c.

With this video by Paul Robinson you dive into the world of the Rocklands

A few days before the visit, Paul Robinson published the following video with impressive mood pictures from the bouldering paradise Rocklands. Good entertainment!

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Credits: Cover picture Paul Robinson


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