The two strong Americans Alex Puccio and Michaela Kiersch secure an inspection of the Boulder Tigris sit (8B+) shortly before the end of their Magic Wood trip and fill their already impressive tick list again.

The Americans' trip to Switzerland is over. Puccio and Kiersch rave about their time there Averstal and say goodbye wistfully to the bouldering area Magic Wood. The reasons are the fantastic boulder lines, their impressive tick list and the good time they had together with Nina Williams and other climbers.

Alex Puccio, Michaela Kiersch, Nina Williams, Giuliano Cameroni and Sergei Topishko at Magic Wood.
Sergei Topishko, Margarita Zakharova, Giuliano Cameroni, Thomas Saluz, Robin O'Leary, Nina Williams and Alex Puccio at Magic Wood. Image: Serjei Topishko

The crowning glory: Tigris sit (8B+) climbed

Shortly before leaving, they indulged themselves puccino and Kiersch nor the inspection of Christof Rauch first climbed line Tigris sit (8B+). The ascent was made possible not only by the physical strength and the good mood, but also by the crew, who were on the block just ahead of her and dried the line with fans and handkerchiefs, as Puccio noted.

«Huge, huge thanks to the crew who made the boulder climbable in the first place! Thank you thank you thank you!"

Alex Puccio

Puccio climbed the standing start of the boulder earlier in the trip and tried the sit start version but failed at the extended version at the time. On the day of the ascent, she didn't hesitate and got the ascent on the first attempt. For her part, Kiersch climbed the boulder one day ahead of Puccio.

Both climbed two 8B+ boulders during the trip after not too long projecting. When will one of the two 8C boulder?

Michaela Kiersch inspecting Riverbed (8B)

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Credits: Cover picture Luis Gerhardt