Alex Megos recently published a video introducing a new climbing style: brushpoint climbing. The video is of course not meant very seriously, but because of the idea and the climbing performance absolutely worth seeing.

There are different types of ascent in climbing. The most important are Flash, Onsight and Rotpunkt. In a video published a few days ago, the German professional climber Alexander Megos with a wink presents a new climbing technique: brushpoint climbing.

Brushpoint inspection: Clean the handles before each move

In the Brushpoint walking style, Alexander Megos cleans the climbing holds with his brush after (almost) every move. And not in a 6a, but in the Frankenjura route Father and Son (8c)! Alex recorded the incredible performance as a video.

In addition to the brushpoint inspection of Route Father and Son, which Alex also rates as 8b +, he also climbed the following routes on the same day:

  • A warm-up 7a
  • Steep Mud 7c +
  • Father and Son 8c (Retro onsight)
  • Sonic Excess 8b + (Retro flash)
  • 2x Father and Son (Double Lap)
  • Hellboy 8a +
  • Father and Son (Brushpoint)

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Credits: Cover picture Alexander Megos