He has once again struck: the 24-year-old Austrian Christof Rauch succeeds in the celebration of the Dave Graham line From Dirt Grows the Flowers.

Christof Rauch is a regular guest of the Swiss Bouldering Areas. If Magic Wood, Cresciano, Brione or ChironicoChristof climbs at least one heavy line on almost every visit. This time it was the one of Dave graham first-time Chironico classics From Dirt Grows the Flowers.

“I've dreamed of it for a long time. Now I've finally made it! "

Christof Rauch

Few days later Christof visit the blocks in Kochel and complemented his ticklist with the 8c Boulder Bokassa's Fridge - Assassin, Monkey and Man, one of Toni Lamprecht's first boulder.

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Video about Christof Rauch's Rocklands trip

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Credits: Cover picture David Pilaj


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