The International Climbing Association IFSC and the American Climbing Association USA Climbing announced that an athlete tested positive for Covid-19. It is unclear what effects this will have on the course of the competition.

On May 21 and 22, 2021, the second Bouldering World Cup of the season took place in Salt Lake City, USA. The corona protection concept provides for regular tests, a mask requirement and body temperature measurements. In the most recent test on May 24, 2021, an athlete tested positive for Covid-19.

What next?

The international climbing association IFSC and the American climbing association USA Climbing are currently working with the Utah state authorities to address the case.

The competition will be suspended, postponed or canceled completely.

According to the protection concept of the IFSC (Appendum 1.6) there are the following scenarios: The competition will be suspended, postponed or completely canceled. The final decision is made by the IFSC President or the local authorities.

We will inform you of the decision in due course.

Next planned competitions

The next competitions in Salt Lake City are bouldering (May 29/30, 2021) and speed (May 28, 2021). Further information and live streams will be published on LACRUX shortly.

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Credits: Cover picture Daniel Gajda / IFSC