In his latest edition of the video series “Road to Tokyo”, Adam Ondra shows us a very special kind of training: Competition Simulation. Before the competition in Toulouse 2019, he prepared for the World Cup with a competition simulation.

Adam Ondra is also struggling with the "lockdown". In his most recent video, he can be seen in his personal training room. The episode is a compilation of his interview recording from home with recordings from a previous training session. Of course it takes Adam Ondra Relation to the current corona crisis and is optimistic.

“I am an optimist. Mankind has already survived many crises and emerged stronger from them. "

That says Adam Ondra about the postponement of the Olympia

As many know, it does Adam Ondra no jumps of joy when it comes to speed climbing. He doesn't particularly like the discipline. But here, too, he sees the effects of the corona crisis, and thus the shift in the Summer Olympics as an opportunity.

"By postponing the Summer Olympics to the summer of 2021, I have an extra year to get even better in this discipline."

Adam Ondra out of quarantine

Complete video series "Road to Tokyo" by Adam Ondra

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