William Bosi set a new record in the Czech Republic. Within a day he flashed the Boulder Charizard (8b +), Fénixovy Slzy (8a +) and The Swirl King Sitstart (8a +, FA). And as if that wasn't enough, he combined the first two lineages to recreate Bulbasaur (8c, FA).

The Scot William Bosi are among the strongest climbers in the world. In the Czech Republic he once again demonstrated his extraordinary skills. cheered on by Adam Ondra get him in the bouldering area Sklapsko the lines Charizard (8b +) and Fenixovy Slzy (8a+) – flash of course. He climbed the same style on the same day The Swirl King Sitstart (8a +), with the newly added sit start at the same time a first ascent.

Video: William Bosi flashes Charizard (8b +)

Illustrious group of 8b+ flashers

With his inspection of Martin Stranik Line Charizard now officially includes William Bosi in the elevated circle of 8b+ flashers. Only a few athletes before him managed to climb such difficult boulder flashes, including Adam Ondra with Jade and gecko assis, Daniel Woods with Entlinge, Jimmy Webb with The Globalist, Tomoa Narasaki with Decided, Ned Feehally with Trust Issues or Jakob Schubert with Never Ending Story, Catalan Witness the Fitness and Anam Cara. "I'm incredibly happy to flash my first 8b+ with this Martin Stráník line," said William Bosi after his ascent.

"I am incredibly happy to flash my first 8b+ with this Martin Stráník line."

William Bosi

First ascent at 8c-Linkup

During his trip to the Czech Republic, William Bosi also left a new test piece in the Sklapsko bouldering area. He climbed the Martin Stranik Boulder Charizard (8b +) backwards and got out via Fénixovy Slzy (8a +). He baptized his new creation Bulbasaur and rated them 8c.

Video: Martin Stráník climbs Bosi-Boulder-Bulbasaur

The second ascent was not long in coming. Shortly after William Bosi's First Ascent, Martin Stráník came and secured the first repetition of the boulder. After the failed start of the World Cup in Meiringen, it was refreshing to enjoy this new hard line. "I was able to climb it during my second session because I already knew the second part."

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Credits: Cover picture Will Bosi