The Ticino Giuliano Cameroni moves from block to block with Charles Albert and announces that he has Off the Wagon (8b +) succeeded. During a trial, but it came to a nasty finish, as the following video shows.

The Boulder Off the Wagon in Val Bavona was first celebrated by Nalle Hukkataival in November 2012. Illustrious names such as Jan Hojer and Jimmy Webb followed. Now Giuliano Cameroni managed to climb the pretty line. His comment: “Took me ~ 12 days over almost two months but eventually I did Off the wagon (8b +). After failing on the first move for 8 days I thought that it was just too powerful for me. Then Charles came and found a crucial foothold, which allows to stick the crimp without loosing the feet. The move was still very difficult and low percentage, but at least it was possible. After a day of weakness where I saw the light, I fell like a bag of potatoes holding the swing on the jug. I thought I would do it soon. I was wrong. "

Dave Graham with another puzzle piece

Somehow Giuliano got closer to the matter except for the final move. A tip from Dave Graham helped. Now there was only the weather, as Giuliano says: “Me and Charles were a little under pressure, especially because weather was turning shit. Luckily I had a window last Friday. He almost did it too, but fell because of a silly mistake .. The feeling you get when you link those moves is inexplicable, but for once it felt like I wasn't doing any special effort and everything was just perfectly clicking together. "

Video by Giuliano Cameroni in Off the Wagon

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Credits: Picture Giuliano Cameroni

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