News from Las Vegas suggests that Jakob Schubert won't live up to his nickname Mr. Downgrad at Sleepwalker. The Austrian reports that the destination of his US trip is more challenging than he had hoped.

Jakob Schubert is in top form without any ifs and buts. In the past weeks and months he cleared several difficult sport climbing routes in the upper ninth French degree. That's why it was assumed that he would also quickly find success in the Red Rocks.

"There are still a few days left to take care of this beast."

Jakob Schubert

Sleepwalker: the accounts are settled at the end

These days Jakob Schubert reported with a small video update from the United States. Sleepwalker (8c+) feels harder for him than he had hoped. "Whether it's the special style of the sandstone, my weakness for underhand grips or the very cold weather - I don't know." One thing is certain: Jakob Schubert will not give up: "There are still a few days left to finish off this beast. "

Heavy trains take their toll

Nicolai Uznik, which Schubert together with Michael Piccolruz accompanied on his trip, had also considered the inspection of Sleepwalker. However, wrist pain forces him to take a break from the hard moves. "Focusing on simpler things until things get better seems like the most sensible option right now."

Nicolai Uznik during an attempt in Sleepwalker (8c +).

Will Return of the Sleepwalker not be repeated?

When it became known at the beginning of February that Jakob Schubert and his buddies were aiming for the Red Rocks on their US trip, the question quickly arose as to whether they would climb the Boulder Return of the Sleepwalker would project. Daniel Woods had added a sit start to Sleepwalker in April 2021 and issued a difficulty level of 9a for the line.

In his update from overseas, Jakob Schubert clearly names Sleepwalker (8c +) as the main goal of his trip. We are curious if he is the one from Jimmy Webb Boulder that opened in 2019 can be repeated at the last minute.

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Credit: Images misha.p_photography