The American climber stayed in Fontainebleau for a few weeks and has been in Switzerland for several days. Yesterday he announced the commission of Ill trill (8b +) in Averstal. 

With the higher temperatures, the popularity of the higher-lying bouldering areas increases. While the international climbing elite were still in Cresciano and Chironico a few weeks ago, Magic Wood has been very popular again in the past few days. This is also the case with James Webb. Yesterday he climbed the line first started by Paul Robinson in 2010 Ill trill (8b +) in Averstal.

Nalle the boulder ticks within a very short time

Two years ago, Nalle Hukkataival also started the route. He managed the ascent in just four attempts. This despite the fact that Daniel Woods' line was classified as very difficult. In 2011 Daniel commented: "The route feels more like an 8c." In the following video, Nalle Hukkataival is celebrating Ill trill to see.

Credits: Picture James Webb

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