Jernej Kruder takes advantage of the competition momentum and commits the 8c Boulder Metafizika in his homeland shortly after his return from Innsbruck and the Adidas Rockstars.

He is overall World Cup winner in bouldering, won the Adidas Rockstars 2018 and scored an 8b-Boulder as well as an 8c-route during the World Championships in Innsbruck.LACRUX reported). After all the competitions, he spent a few days in his native Slovenia, giving his country a second 8c: Metaphysics.

"Wind of change has blown through Slovenia today. Fresh cold breeze with addition of bright autumn rays that warm up your heart, keep your hands dry and cold enough to finish off second Slovenian 8c boulder problem ”, Jernej about the passage.

The Boulder Metaphysics (8c) is located southwest of the city of Celje in the east of Slovenia and somehow reminds us of the boulder located in Spain and first established by Chris Sharma Catalan Witness the Fitness, Incidentally, Jernej also scored this boulder (more about that here).

Video about the commission of Metafizika

Credits: Cover picture Luka Tambača


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