Already at the beginning of his stay, Jimmy Webb manages the commission of the 8c boulder The Finnish Line in the South African bouldering area Rocklands.

Jimmy Webb named The Finnish Line (8c) the main goal of his Rockland-Trips. For a long time, however, he did not wait for his visit. A few days ago he got the seventh ascent of probably the most beautiful boulder South Africa.

“Props to Nalle for the first ascent of one of the most beautiful lines in the world!”

Jimmy Webb

Even if you think it takes a moment to reach the main destination of your trip, it's not surprising that Jimmy made short work of it. During his stay, he has already received the first ascent of a Highball (The Healing, 8b +) as well as the repetition of the Boulder Black Eagle (8c).

This video might interest you

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Credits: Cover picture Keenan Takahashi


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