The Schwyzer climber Marco Müller is already filling his ticklist at a record pace at the beginning of the year. A few days ago, he got on the 8b boulder Vecchio Leone and climbed numerous other boulders in the eighth degree of French.

The youngest flight from Marco Beginning of February with the ascent of Feel the wind (8a) in Chironico. A week later he put the lines down Guilty of the Hilti (8a +), Manson (8a) and Wanted (7c +) after.

"Vecchio Leone was on my wish-list for a long time, which is why I am so happy to have climbed the boulder."

Marco Müller on the ascent of Vecchio Leone

Not a week passed and he decoded the 8b boulder within two days Vecchio Leone in Brione as well as Cellar door (8a) Ponk (8a) Fuoco di Paglia (8a) and Good vibrations (8a). The latter he even climbed flash! Marco then hooked on the last day of his vacation Apollo (8a) and Amber (8a + / b).

For the video of the Guilty of the Hilti ascent: swipe / click to the right

That might interest you - Marco Müller during the ascent of Elfe am Grimsel

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Credits: Cover picture Benjamin Weber