Matilda Söderlund announces the inspection of the 8b boulder Armstrong assis at Nockeby near Stockholm. It is the first boulder of this degree for the Swede.

It was not long ago when Matilda with the ascent of The Elder Statesman (9a) caused a sensation in the Franconian Jura. In the midst of the Corona crisis, she now manages another coup, the inspection of the 8b boulder Armstrong assistant. With her most recent ascent, Matilda is one of the few women who have a 9a sport climbing route and an 8b boulder in their ticklist.

In Sweden you can climb despite the corona pandemic.

Matilda actually has a trip to the Switzerland planned to tackle their first sport climbing project of the year. Due to the Corona crisis However, she had to stay at home, but was able to continue climbing outdoors thanks to the relatively relaxed measures in Sweden.

8b boulder planned for the first time

Matilda didn't know the boulder blocks around her home very well, so she used the current situation to concentrate on a difficult boulder. Before the Armstrong assis (8b) walked through, the 27-year-old invested around a month and around nine sessions in the line.

“The boulder is very ridge-heavy, which suits me very much. Melissa Le Nevé has been my trainer since January and of course I am pleased that the training is paying off. "

Matilda Söderlund

Matilda Söderlund ascending The Elder Statesman (9a)

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Credits: Pictures Mans Gullgren