The fact that Michaela Kiersch is a strong climber has been known since her ascent of the Sharma route Dreamcatcher near Squamish. In Ogden, Utah, she recently underlined that the American is also at the forefront of bouldering. There she climbed her first boulder of this difficulty with Hailstorm (8b +).

By American standards, Ogden is one of the smaller bouldering areas. However, the challenges in the primarily upper eighth French degree regularly attract strong climbers. Below, for example Allison Vestthat in early February Show Your Scars (8b+) drew.

Video: Michaela Kiersch climbs Hailstorm (8b +)

More sessions than ever before

With the boulder problem hail storm (8b+) connects Michaela Kiersch special memories. The American was there, as a compatriot Drew Ruana the line climbed first. She experienced the eponymous hailstorm from which she had to seek shelter under the block shortly after the first ascent. And now she has managed to boulder her first 8b+ by repeating Hailstorm.

"I'm really proud of this moment and, to be honest, a little surprised."

Michaela Kiersch

Michaela Kiersch writes that she spent more sessions on Hailstorm than ever on any other block. "I'm really proud of this moment and, to be honest, a little surprised." Kiersch is surprised because she managed to climb her hardest boulder and her hardest sport climbing route (Dreamcatcher, 9a) and do a doctorate at the same time.

Michaela Kiersch in Dreamcatcher (9a), her most difficult sport climbing route so far. image @thefoxes 

Girl power in the Red Rocks

In the past few weeks, Michaela Kiersch has been involved Alex Puccio the Red Rocks unsure. Among other things, she drew Power Save (8a+), a very heavy boulder. Or Happy happy hippos, also at the level of difficulty 8a+.

Michaela Kiersch and Alex Puccio in Happy Happy Hippos

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Credit Cover Photo: Michaela Kiersch